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Planting technique

For the number of seedlings needed according to varietal types, see the section on seedbed and nurseryStaking and laying out of coconut fields is also presented in another dedicated section.

The best time to transplant seedlings is at the onset of the rainy season. Hence, timing of the nursery should be practised in accordance with the seasonal changes. Prior to digging of holes, planting guides are put in place by using two pegs placed at equal distances from the stake. This indicates the centre of the hole where the sprout of the seedling to be planted later on will have to be aligned. It must be noted that by using a stick marked at the centre, and using the planting guides at planting time, the relocation of the stake in the hole can be easily done. Holes should be dug at 50 x 50 x 50 cm size. This operation commences as early as 2 months before planting to allow for weathering of the soil on the sides and bottom of the holes. Weathering is encourage to promote early root‑soil contact.
Field nursery seedlings should be planted immediately or at the latest 3 days after removal from the nursery to reduce mortality. Before transplanting, each hole should be applied with fertilizers mixed with soil. Alternatively or in addition, a small amount of organic matter, e.g. seaweeds, husks or any other compost materials, can be placed at the bottom of the hole and covered with soil leaving about one‑third free for the seedling nut to 'sit'.

For polybagged seedlings, remove the polybag first, then transplant the seedling. The hole should be covered with loose topsoil, slightly firmed at the base of the crown. The top of the nut must be about 5‑8 cm below the ground level. Deep planting might suffocate the bud while shallow planting might cause the planting material to bend, sway or lean during heavy rains and windy days. A slight depression towards the base of the crown must be provided to trap rainwater.

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